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This book is going to take you on a Spiritual Journey to Restore and Rebuild your marriage. It is about the Power of Prayer and the Power of God. I did not know how to pray or fight for my marriage!

"My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6

Bob and I have three beautiful children and wore masks in our church and in public. We were hiding all our hurts, our pain, our anger, our fighting and strife that was going on in our home. We were Christians, but we did not know HOW OR WHAT to do to have a healthy marriage. This got worse. Bob and I allowed the enemy (Satan) to come into our home and destroy our marriage.

In this book will share from my heart to yours to NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR SPOUSE! I did. I divorced Bob due to unfaithfulness, and with the encouragement of pastors and counselors who only saw the impossible circumstances of our marriage.

Then one special day in my life after my divorce, my Lord God spoke Hope and Encouragement to me. He wanted me to pray and fight for my marriage. I had given up on God and on Bob. I found out that:

"For nothing is impossible with God." Luke 1:37

"Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!" Luke 1:45

This book will teach you principles how to pray and believe that God can Rebuild, Restore, and Reconcile your marriage. Do not worry about all the problems that are going on in your marriage at this time or even if you are divorced.

"Everything is possible for him who believes." Mark 9:23

Customer Reviews

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Sherry Newsome
Thank you

Amazing…no one ever mentioned
“Restore” when I had trouble in my marriage…I am 13 years divorced but have never given up on my marriage…The Holy Spirit is working in my life and in his life…this book is so helpful ❤️💥❤️

BT McLean
It's Not Your Battle

The whole journey towards healed marriage takes not only your faith but trust in the one in true living God period. For those of us who are wanting our marriages restored we must remember it's going to take time, God's timing, not our timing. God knows what we need although we seek out a desired want. We have to be able to surrender our wants and needs to God especially when it comes down to this thing of marriage. We did not get into this situation overnight to where our spouses either decided to leave or we decided to separate. It is something that was built up a long time that maybe we saw coming or maybe we did not but it all goes back to the same thing. Will we seek God, will we believe that God can and will do it, or will we take matters into our own hands and become restless after we don't see what we think we should be getting. If you're not going to believe that God can truly do it then go ahead and do what you were doing before and see what kind of results that you actually get. I look at this book as a help, as a part of helping me to gain knowledge and to grow, understand, and know that someone else has already gone through the same thing and that I'm going to see victory at the end of this. The victory may come in the form of a testimony of this journey, or it may come in the form of restoration. However there is going to be a victory and God is going to always get the glory. Don't become disheartened or discouraged get around other individuals or contact others who are going through or have already been through what you are going through or experiencing. Keep your focus and remember who is behind the devastation of all of this, God is not the cause but He is allowing it. However this could be an opportunity for you to come back to Christ and to understand how you vered away from him and how things got to this point. This is an opportunity for you to take time to seek the face of God, to be restored back to God, or simply to come to God because you never had a relationship with Him. Just know that God knows and He's already working just allow Him to work in and on it.

Patricia Bukowiecki


Life Changing

I’ll never be the same after reading this book. It’s so full of wisdom and knowledge. I definitely enjoyed learning the word more in depth. The Bible really has the answer for every situation in your life. I truly thank God for the ministry of the Steinkemps’s. I’m trusting God now more than ever.

jennifer jauregui
Motivation I needed!

This book was great! I have been standing for several years, and I have to admit, I do become weary at times! This book had so many good verses to keep me going-I am going to keep it in my purse and read over the prayers/scriptures daily! Thank you! Charlyne.