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This book is going to take you on a Spiritual Journey to Restore and Rebuild your marriage. It is about the Power of Prayer and the Power of God. I did not know how to pray or fight for my marriage!

"My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6

Bob and I have three beautiful children and wore masks in our church and in public. We were hiding all our hurts, our pain, our anger, our fighting and strife that was going on in our home. We were Christians, but we did not know HOW OR WHAT to do to have a healthy marriage. This got worse. Bob and I allowed the enemy (Satan) to come into our home and destroy our marriage.

In this book will share from my heart to yours to NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR SPOUSE! I did. I divorced Bob due to unfaithfulness, and with the encouragement of pastors and counselors who only saw the impossible circumstances of our marriage.

Then one special day in my life after my divorce, my Lord God spoke Hope and Encouragement to me. He wanted me to pray and fight for my marriage. I had given up on God and on Bob. I found out that:

"For nothing is impossible with God." Luke 1:37

"Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!" Luke 1:45

This book will teach you principles how to pray and believe that God can Rebuild, Restore, and Reconcile your marriage. Do not worry about all the problems that are going on in your marriage at this time or even if you are divorced.

"Everything is possible for him who believes." Mark 9:23

Customer Reviews

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Brett Slusher
Spiritual Guidance

There are many spiritual quotes to show you how it is God's plan to save marriages.

Gemma Tekoronga
A much needed read for any stander!

Such a good book! Thank you for opening up my eyes to see that this is a spiritual battle that I’m on and that I can be fully equipped and prepared for it. Charlyne breaks it down and teaches you how to stand in the face of the enemy’s adversity and how to remain standing! Very helpful book 😊

Regan Ryan
The Spiritual Journey Toward a Healed Marriage

So so helpful. Thank you, Charlyne. I am waiting for my husband and I’s marriage restoration. I am praying. When I grow weary, I can read excerpts from this book and be strengthened by His Word included throughout.

Melanie B
The Spiritual Journey is Essential to Warfare

I used to pray before, but when my beloved left after 43 years of marriage to travel his own “path” I was devastated, and my prayers were mostly just sobs of grief. I started looking on the internet for prayer resources for marriages and found Rejoice Marriage Ministries a few weeks into my aloneness. I didn’t even know I was standing until I read it on the website, all I knew was that they were the only marriage ministry who didn’t offer up an escape clause, instead, encouraging me in my conviction to pray FOR my covenant marriage till death parts us. When I began praying for my beloved to come home, I realized I had never prayed with power like Charlyne prays, and I had to make a choice to leave my old powerless prayer life behind and decide whether or not I would believe that God really has given me access to His power, by His Spirit, for His purpose. I finally budgeted enough to buy The Spiritual Journey Toward A Healed Marriage, and Finding The Way Home, and when they came in the mail yesterday, I read them both cover to cover. BLESSINGS!!! ENCOURAGEMENT!!! GRACE!!! I am going to use The Spiritual Journey for my morning and evening devotional and scripture memorization. The LORD knows me, and He knew I needed a prayer plan. Charlyne’s writing isn’t only informative about prayer, she writes in a way that gives me a practical roadmap to follow. I don’t have to copy her, because this flows from the heart of God through Charlyne and I can see how He will work it into me as I meet with Him IN prayer. My husband’s relationship with Jesus is my number one prayer priority right now, and I believe as the LORD draws him back, in HIs perfect timing, our marriage will be wholly restored to better than it has ever been. He will do that because the Steinkamp’s were obedient, and caught His vision for a broken old lady who just wants her beloved restored to Jesus, and returned to the wife of his youth. Praising Jesus for the work He did in Charlyne and Bob, and the restoration of their marriage; and how that laid the foundation for their faithful service to God, and His plan for restoring broken hearts and broken covenants.

Maria Martinez

I love all the bible verses with her thoughts and testimony of Cheryl restored marriage. It is very impact full and spiritual lead. Amen